2018-04-03 10:26:27

Comic Con Baltics 2017

On the 2-3rd of December the biggest popular culture event called "Comic Con Baltics 2017" was held in Vilnius, the exhibition centre Litexpo. Many well-known actors attended the event. Visitors could listen to their interviews, take part in cosplay competitions...

2018-04-03 10:20:41

Smart Lithuania

On the 27-28 of October "Three Cubes" participated in the event "Smart Lithuania", in the exhibition centre Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania. Our team presented projects we are working on, which are based on three areas content crea

2018-04-03 10:17:00

GameOn 2017

GameOn was full of experiences this year. "Three Cubes" organized a program for the second biggest hall, called "Cinema scene", in the exhibition centre "Litexpo". 2 days in a row content creators came to make their speeches on

About us

Our main areas of activity are entertainment, community and education.


We create entertaining content for contemporary youth. We are making live broadcasts in which we conduct a variety of projects, creative workshops, participate in major events in Lithuania (GameOn, Comic Con Baltics, GameJam)!


Our communities are made up of players and content makers themselves, with whom we also produce video shows and advertisements.


Through entertainment and authority, we encourage young people to expand their worldview. Creating creative learning programs for formal and non-formal education.

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Darius Kniūkšta,

Lukas Šalna,
Community Manager

Dovilė Pakutinskaitė,
Public relations

Darius Kniūkšta,

Lukas Šalna,
Community Managers

Dovilė Pakutinskaitė,
Public relations


Darius Kniūkšta

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